Growth Sphere with Agar "FUs"
Prototype to grow the novel food product.
Schemata of Agar "FUs"
Agar "FU" experiments in the laboratory
1) Plastic is UV treated in the "Activation Cylinder" placed on the bottom of the mutarium. UV light sterilizes the plastic and activates the degradation process of the plastic which makes it easier accessible for the fungi.  
2) Plain „FU“ is placed in the mutarium´s Growth Sphere. This is done with pincers to work as sterile as possible.
3) UV-sterilized plastic is put into the „FU“, ready to be digested.
4)„Macerate“ (fungi sprouts in liquid nutrient solution) are extracted with a pipette from the Fungi Nursery.
5) Extracted macerate is dropped into the „FUs“ to ignite the growing process.
6) After a couple of weeks, the ready-grown „FU“ can be taken out to be prepared and eaten.
Elaborate experiments in the Utrecht University Lab
Geographical Zones of Growth and Culinary Interest
"FU´ppetite" !
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