TedX Vienna, 2015 (left), IKEA Space10 Copenhagen 2017 (right)
Agrivision Keynote The Netherlands, 2017 (left), AgSum Tokyo, 2017 (right)
TedX Chinese University Hong Kong, 2018 (left), Switch Singapore 2017 (right)
A Selection of my Appearances:

2018 TVB Documentary
2018 (coming) Panelist, Forum Alpbach, Austria
2018 Keynote, Create Hong Kong, Alibaba Cloud, HK
2018 Keynote Speaker, International Conference of Insects, China
2018 Keynote Speaker, MUST Summit, Munich
2018 TV Appearance, “2 Minutes 2 Millions”, Puls 4 TV, Austria
2017 Keynote Speaker PrintScreen Festival, Israel
2017 Keynote Speaker Food Industry Asia, Singapore
2017 Keynote Speaker, Space 10 IKEA, Copenhagen
2017 Keynote Speaker (before Kofi Annan), Agrivision, Nutreco, NL
2017 Keynote Speaker, AgSum Tokyo
2017 various international media appearances
2016 Keynote Speaker, MakerFaire Rome
2016 Bosch Siemens Munich Germany
2016 South Summit Madrid Spain
2016 Keynote Speaker @ Women in Tech Singapore
2016 various international media appearances
2015 German Media: Zeit, Kurier, Krone, Presse, Standard
2015 Galileo, ProSieben, German TV, ORF Thema, Austrian TV
2015 TheGuardian Sustainable Business
2014 UN FAO Video on Edible Insects
2014 Sverige TV, Sweden
2014 Sverige Radio, Sweden, RadioEins Berlin, Germany
2014 S.C. Johnson & Son Inc., Racine, WI, USA
2014 FAO Stakeholder Directory
2013 DailyMail UK, CNN, FastCompany, WIred, Dezeen
2013 CKNW Morning Radio, Canada, Blu Radio, Colombia 

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